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Traditional Wisdom


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Why Go Traditional?


The explosion of flavours and decadent aroma of traditionally prepared food can pull you in like no other. When it comes to cooking food with natural ingredients in cookware of yore, eating isn’t simply a task, but an immersive experience.

Time Honoured
Healthy lifestyle

Be it our food or practices, Indian traditions were specially woven to improve our quality of life—a fact that science is only slowly unearthing each day. Many of the health issues faced by contemporary society can be ameliorated by incorporating some of these practices.

Eco Friendly
Eco-friendly products

Since our products are not mass produced, we utilise considerably less energy and material. Moreover, from our products to packaging, each component is curated keeping the environment in mind…and heart.

Support local artisans and farmers

India’s masons, sculptors, potters, painters, weavers and farmers all carry a repository of knowledge and talent. Our initiative helps us appreciate and encourage their invaluable contributions.

Preserve dying art forms

Our land is home to some of the most diversely outstanding art forms. Unfortunately, they are losing to mass producing behemoths. By connecting local artisans with a larger audience, we are resolutely trying to preserve our cultural heritage for posterity.

Understanding time-honoured practices

Why did we start certain customs? Why do we continue to follow them? We wish to rediscover the essence of our ancestral ways and bring simplicity and meaning back to people's lives.